Miele, Sebo, Riccar, & More: Vacuum Cleaners that Last

Miele, Sebo, Riccar, & More: Vacuum Cleaners that Last

When you’re walking through the vacuum aisle at big box stores, you’ll notice an overwhelming array of options—many of which bear a striking resemblance to eachother. However, if you’re looking for a machine that is truly reliable and well-built, you might want to look beyond those crowded shelves.

Brands like Simplicity, Sanitaire, Riccar, Miele, Sebo, Aerus (Electrolux), and others aren’t your average vacuums. They’re crafted with focus on lasting quality and exceptional performance.

It’s true, these brands might ask for a bigger investment upfront, but they pay off in the long run. For anyone looking to buy smart, not often, these brands are worth a closer look.


If you value vacuums that are simple, powerful, and built to last, you might want to check out Simplicity. The name pretty much says it all. These vacuums are built tough, with metal parts where most others go with plastic.

Simplicity has a lot of different vacuum styles, from uprights to canisters, all designed to make cleaning your home, business, or other space as easy as possible. (One of their standout models is the Simplicity Symmetry—people really like it because it’s powerful but still easy to handle around corners and furniture.)


If you’ve ever noticed the vacuum cleaners being pushed around in hotels or buzzing through office hallways, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a Sanitaire in action. These machines are tough, built to handle the hard knocks of heavy-duty use, day in and day out. They come with strong dust bags that can hold a ton, making them perfect for places with a lot of space to clean.

Need something sturdy that can handle just about anything? A Sanitaire could be right up your alley. Take their Red Line series, for example—these machines have serious suction power and top-of-the-line filters that really pull their weight if you need something extra from your cleaning routine.

  • Sanitaire also has the Quiet Clean series, which is designed specifically for environments where noise is a concern. These models provide the same high-powered cleaning, but with less disruption.
  • There’s also the SC886 model, a favorite for its ease of maintenance and durable design. It’s ideal for tackling larger clean-up jobs.


Riccar impresses with its focus on suction power and filtration. These vacuums are a hit among those who have allergies or pets because they do an excellent job of trapping dust and dander.

On the whole, Riccar models also tend to be innovative in their design, featuring things like self-sealing HEPA bags and tandem air systems that ensure deep cleaning. Take the Riccar Radiance, for instance—it packs two motors to give you some serious cleaning power and excellent filtration. It’s a solid choice if you’re looking for a vacuum that goes the extra mile.

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Another popular Riccar vacuum is the SupraLite. Despite its light frame, this vacuum doesn’t skimp on power, making it perfect for those who need something easy to maneuver but effective against dirt and debris.

There’s also the Prima Canister, a model that focuses on versatility and power in a compact form. It’s ideal for getting into hard-to-reach spots without sacrificing suction.

Fun fact: Riccar and Simplicity, though owned by the same parent company, are not the same brand.


Miele is often a go-to brand for those who want a vacuum that will last. Known for their engineering and quality, Miele vacuums excel in performance and durability.

If you’ve ever used a Miele, like their Complete C3 canister model, you know what I’m talking about. It’s super quiet—which is great if you’re not a fan of the typical vacuum racket—and it’s adaptable to whatever floor type you’ve got at home—hardwood, rugs, you name it. Models like the Complete C3 are engineered to be ultra-quiet while still providing powerful suction and thorough filtration—perfect for early mornings or late-night clean-ups without any hassle. (Plus, they just keep on going—durability is definitely one of Miele’s numerous strong suits.)

The Miele Classic C1 is another highly praised option, known for its lightweight design and powerful cleaning capabilities, ideal for tackling different surfaces with ease. Then there’s the Blizzard CX1, Miele’s venture into bagless territory, which features an innovative vortex technology that maintains powerful suction and excellent filtration, without the need for a bag.

For those who prefer an upright model, the Miele Dynamic U1 is another great choice. It combines the robust cleaning power typical of Miele with a unique swivel-neck design, making it super maneuverable around furniture and tight corners.


If you have allergies, you really should check out Sebo. They’re known for their hospital-grade filtration systems that do a fantastic job of kicking allergens out of your air, as well as some neat features like automatic height adjustment.

The Automatic X4 is a well-reviewed, customer-favorite Sebo model—it’s tough, reliable, and handles both carpets and hard floors like a champ.

The Sebo Felix is another standout, offering a sleek upright design that’s highly maneuverable and perfect for a variety of floor types. It’s also equipped with a parquet brush specifically designed for hardwood floors, making it particularly versatile.

If a quiet machine is important for you, Sebo’s canister vacuums are a great bet. They operate smoothly and quietly, making them a great companion for maintaining peace and quiet at home. Their Airbelt D4 canister vac boasts a large capacity dust bag and an airbelt cushioning system that not only protects furniture during cleaning but also helps to disperse air quietly and effectively.

Aerus (formerly Electrolux)

So, Aerus—maybe you remember them as Electrolux—has been around the block for quite a while, crafting built-to-last vacuums that focus on keeping your home healthy. They pack their machines with HEPA filters and tight seals to make sure none of the bad stuff gets back into your air.

And if you’re looking for a quiet vacuum, the Aerus Lux Guardian is a solid choice. It’s super quiet and does an excellent job filtering out the dust and allergens, perfect for when you need to clean in the evenings or early in the morning, and don’t want to wake the whole house.

The Lux Guardian is a stellar example of their commitment to quality, but they have several other models that are equally noteworthy.

A picture of Miele, Sebo, Riccar, & More: Vacuum Cleaners that Last with Edison Vacuums

  • The Aerus Lux Classic canister vacuum (pictured above) is another popular model that continues to impress with its powerful yet quiet performance. This model is designed to handle any cleaning job, big or small, with a range of attachments that make it versatile for various surfaces and tight spaces.
  • Another popular model is the Aerus Guardian Platinum. This upright vacuum is designed for high-performance cleaning with a long-lasting motor and a HEPA filtration system that captures even the finest particles. Its ergonomic handle and smooth maneuverability make it easy to use, keeping your home clean without much effort.
  • For those who prefer something lightweight and easy to handle, the Aerus Electrolux Ergorapido offers a 2-in-1 design that includes a detachable handheld unit. This feature is particularly handy for quick pickups and cleaning hard-to-reach areas, making it a favorite for daily chores.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for a vacuum, think about your specific needs—whether it’s tackling pet hair, ensuring cleaner air for allergy sufferers, or just getting a durable machine that can handle daily spills and debris. Each of these brands offers unique benefits, so consider what’s most important to you in terms of features, price, and performance.

If you’re finding all the vacuum options a bit much, don’t worry—Edison Vacuums has got your back. Our team is great at helping you find just the right vacuum for your needs. If you’re in the Greater Nashville area, swing by Edison Vacuums today—or give us a call or drop us an email!