Central Vacuum Systems at Edison Vacuums

Central Vacuum Systems at Edison Vacuums

As a trusted provider and servicer of vacuum cleaners in and around Nashville, Edison Vacuums has earned a reputation for understanding the unique needs of its customers and offering tailored solutions that make a difference.

We’re all spending a bunch of time indoors, and that means dust and dirt can’t just be swept under the rug. A solid vacuum system doesn’t just keep the floors looking good; it’s about keeping the air clear and making sure our homes are places where we can breathe easy and feel good.

Now, while traditional standup vacuums certainly do the job, there’s something even better out there for those who are ready to step up their cleaning game.

That’s where central vacuum systems come in.

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Why Go with a Central Vacuum System?

Imagine having a vacuum system that’s built right into your house – no more dragging a heavy machine up and down the stairs or trying to find a plug in every room.

Here’s why a lot of folks around Nashville are making the switch:

  • More Muscle: We’re talking serious suction power here. Central vacuum systems are stronger than run-of-the-mill box store vacuums, which means they pick up more dirt, dust, and whatever else is hanging around on your floors.
  • Quiet as a Mouse: Ever try to vacuum while someone’s napping, or you’re trying to catch the end of the game? Central vacuums are quiet enough that you can clean without ringing everyone’s ears. The main unit’s tucked away, typically in a garage or basement, so you hear a whole lot less.
  • Breathing Easy: This is a biggie. Central vacuum systems don’t just pick up dirt; they get rid of it. I mean, really get rid of it – out of your living space entirely. This means the air in your home stays cleaner, which is great news for anyone who’s fighting allergies or just wants to take a deep breath without sneezing.
  • Convenience: Lightweight hoses that you can plug in throughout your house, no cords to trip over, and no clunky unit to bash into your furniture. Plus, with central vacs, you’re not emptying a canister every few minutes. It’s all about making cleaning as hassle-free as possible.


Central vacuum systems are powerful, quiet, clean, and simple to use. And here at Edison Vacuums, we’re all about helping you find the system that fits your home just right.

Whether you’re building new, remodeling, or just ready to upgrade your clean, we’re the folks to talk to.

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Cyclovac: Central Vacuum Systems

When it comes to keeping your home clean from corner to corner, Cyclovac is like having a professional cleaning crew on your side, but all wrapped up in one mighty system. This isn’t just any central vacuum system; it’s a top pick for homeowners who want to tackle dirt like a pro.

What Makes Cyclovac Stand Out?

  • Innovative Design: Cyclovac systems aren’t just built; they’re smartly engineered to fit seamlessly into your life. With sleek units that hide away and don’t eat up your space, they’re all about keeping your home looking good while doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes.
  • High Efficiency: Cyclovac takes vacuuming to the next level with technology that’s designed to grab more dirt and dust in less time. It’s the kind of efficiency that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it.
  • Built to Last: Durability is the name of the game. When you choose Cyclovac, you’re investing in a system that’s going to stand by you for years. These are the kind of vacuums that see you through house parties, pet messes, and everything in between without skipping a beat.


Cyclovac isn’t just about making vacuuming easier; it’s about transforming the way you think about clean. And here at Edison Vacuums, we’re all about getting you set up with the right system for your home. Whether you’re curious about what goes into installing a Cyclovac system or you’re ready to take the plunge, we’re here to answer all your questions and get you on the path to a cleaner, happier home.